March 20, 2021

First meeting of the ELSA project advisory board

The first advisory board meeting took place on 12.03.2021 as an online meeting. 14 members of the advisory board as well as guests of the Federal Ministry of Health and the project management organization (DLR) were present. Furthermore, the six project leaders and eight scientific staff members from different project sites participated.

The objective was to present the overall project and the six subprojects to the advisory board, to enable them to get to know each other and to agree on working methods. In addition, space was provided for questions and discussions. Through the expertise of its members, the advisory board enriched the work of the project with questions, suggestions and assessments. Further cooperation was also well coordinated.

ELSA teams will work with Advisory Board members on a topic- and subject-specific basis to incorporate their specific wealth of experience, perspectives, and assessments into the various work packages.