December 06, 2021

We have lost an exceptional colleague

Prof. Dr. Cornelia Helfferich passed away on 23.11.2021. With her we lose a smart and committed, highly appreciated colleague, whose research always aimed at improving the living conditions and health of women. In her research, Cornelia Helfferich developed specific methodological approaches to explore the diverse experiences of women in different living environments and the complex influences on women's life situations. The instruments she developed have made important contributions to the theoretical foundation of her research and are widely used in various studies and in teaching.

Cornelia Helfferich contributed significantly to the preparation of the call for proposals, the success of the collaborative project application, and the planning and implementation of our project. Together with her, we started the project "ELSA - Experiences and life situations of unintentionally pregnant women. Offers of counseling and care" started. In the first months of the project, she enriched the discussions with diverse suggestions and tireless questioning of terms, appropriate methodological approaches or question formulations. She significantly shaped the direction of the project.

Her death is a great personal loss and an immeasurable one for the project. We will continue the project in her spirit.